Judge John Padova in the Community



Judge Padova’s philosophy is that the law must be applied equally no matter where you come from, what you look like or what beliefs you hold.

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Throughout his legal career, John fought for the rights of individuals, families, workers, and the underprivileged and continued to be a champion for individual rights. 


Judge Padova is a Champion for the rights of Equal Justice, protecting the rights of individuals and families, representing thousands of Philadelphians, who:

  • suffered severe injuries from car crashes, construction injuries, medical errors, and job-related injuries, 

  • were denied insurance benefits, 

  • faced discrimination, and 

  • were wrongfully terminated from employment.

Judge John Padova

"I am running for Court of Common Pleas Judge to make a difference in the life of all Philadelphians. I have spent thousands of hours in Philadelphia courtrooms and know it is essential for Judges to foster justice in our communities and have a willingness to find creative solutions that will benefit individuals and society alike."

-Judge John Padova



Prevent Bias

Ensure bias does not enter his courtroom and is recognized in the application of justice.


Promote Diversionary Programs

Assist non-violent criminals with underlying issues such as drug addiction and mental health, get the treatment they need and are not just relegated to prison. 


Reform the Cash Bail System

Recognize that non-violent criminals with limited financial means are not held in jail simply because they do not have the ability to make cash bail. 


Support Re-entry Programs for Ex-Offenders

Provide those with criminal records the ability to find jobs, housing and opportunity to make a productive life and support their families. 


Protect Philadelphians from Gun Violence 

Get violent criminals and guns off the street and make our city safer for everyone.

Judge John Padova is running for Judge to make a difference in the life of all Philadelphians. Being a judge requires experience and an even temperament to make the nuanced, often difficult, decisions called for from the bench. John possesses this experience and temperament. He has a willingness to listen and desire to understand all those who enter into his courtroom. 


As an attorney, a coach, mentor, and high-level athlete and now as a Common Pleas Judge in Philadelphia, John is a person who uses his life experiences every day in the courtroom. He values working class concerns and promotes social equity in our communities.

Judge John Padova volunteers on MLK Day


John is a proud lifetime Philadelphia resident and community volunteer. John is the oldest of six children born to the Honorable John R. Padova, Sr., a Judge of the United States District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, and Ann M. Padova, a retired nurse. John is married to Lua Thi Kim who immigrated to the United States from Vietnam in 1987 and is a licensed esthetician.


From an early age, John's parents instilled a strong sense of responsibility and he believes growing up in a large family helped to prepare him for a future in the courtroom. John, who is equally inspired by his father’s legal and judicial career and his mother’s capacity to care for others while raising a family of six, sees his upbringing as a natural precursor to running for judicial office.



  • Appointed to the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas, Philadelphia County by Governor Wolf in December 2019

  • Appointed by Pennsylvania Supreme Court to a Disciplinary Committee 1996-2000

  • Judge Pro Tempore for Philadelphia Mortgage Diversion Program

  • Pennsylvania Super Lawyer Recipient

  • 30 years of trial experience, serving families and individuals

  • Temple University Law School 1988​

  • Villanova University 1985